| 2021 |
Mar 29Detention
Mar 30Like Daughter, Like Mother
Mar 31Family Bliss
Apr 1Attention Seeking
Apr 2Snap
Apr 5Bullying
Apr 7Game Store
Apr 9Goodnight
Apr 12Parental Love 1
Apr 13Parental Love 2
Apr 14Parental Love 3
Apr 15Parental Love 4
Apr 19Affair 1
Apr 21Affair 2
Apr 23Affair 3
Apr 26All Day
Apr 29The Lena Show
May 3BFF
May 6Granny
May 10Joke
May 13Bedtime Chat
May 17Table Manners
May 24Baby Pictures
Jul 26Lena’s Back!
Jul 28Beach 1
Jul 30Beach 2
Aug 2Beach 3
Aug 5Granny 2
Aug 9Baby 1
Aug 11Baby 2
Aug 13Baby 3
Aug 16Rock Paper Scissors
Aug 19Grounded
Aug 23Divorce 1
Aug 26Divorce 2
Aug 30Back to School
Sep 1Adam and Eve
Sep 3Bullying 2
Sep 6Doctor’s Office
Sep 9Principal’s Office
Sep 13Meet Roger
Sep 17Depression
Sep 21Bullying 3
Sep 23Confrontation 1
Sep 27Confrontation 2
Sep 29Confrontation 3
Oct 1Dinner Guests 1
Oct 4Dinner Guests 2
Oct 7Dinner Guests 3
Oct 11Dinner Guests 4
Oct 14Late For Work
Oct 19Lectured
Oct 22Hungry Dad