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Jan 3Life So Far
Jan 10Hungry Hungry Lena
Jan 17Shovel Snow
Jan 21Chores
Jan 27Water Balloon 1
Jan 28Water Balloon 2
Feb 1A Good Hiding
Feb 4It Serves the Same Purpose
Feb 7Depression 2
Feb 11Mark’s Mom
Feb 14It Works Both Ways
Feb 18Mom Swap 1
Feb 28Mom Swap 2
Mar 3Mom Swap 3
Mar 8Nighttime Feast
Mar 14Technical Limitations
Mar 17Delayed Response
Mar 19Gym Class 1
Mar 22Gym Class 2
Mar 23Gym Class 3
Mar 25Gym Class 4
Mar 27Essay Reading
Mar 28One Sided
Mar 29Lawn
Apr 8New Neighbors 1
Apr 11New Neighbors 2
Apr 13New Neighbors 3
Apr 15New Neighbors 4
Apr 18New Neighbors 5
Apr 20New Neighbors 6
Apr 22New Neighbors 7
Apr 25New Neighbors 8
Apr 27New Neighbors 9
Apr 29New Neighbors 10
May 2Groceries
May 4Fight
May 6Sleepover 1
May 9Sleepover 2
May 11Sleepover 3
May 12Sleepover 4
May 13Sleepover 5
May 16Branching Out
May 18Branching In
May 20Branching Off
May 30The Challenger
Jun 3School Challenge
Jun 6Mia, Meet Mom
Jun 10Mom, Meet Mia
Jun 13Summer Day
Jun 16Story Time
Jun 22Typo
Jun 27No Chill
Jun 30Besties
Jul 1Great Catch
Jul 4Shopping With Dad 1
Jul 6Shopping With Dad 2
Jul 8Shopping With Dad 3
Jul 11byePhone 1
Jul 14byePhone 2
Jul 18byePhone 3
Jul 22byePhone 4
Jul 26True Love
Aug 1Diary
Aug 5Fan Favorite
Aug 11Schooled
Aug 17Windows
Aug 19Cash Grab 1
Aug 23Cash Grab 2
Aug 26Cash Grab 3
Aug 30The Talk
Sep 5Bathroom Habits
Sep 9Yumburger
Sep 13It Adds Up
Sep 20Sunny Fall
Sep 26Age Restriction
Sep 28Wet Pants
Oct 3Tapped Out
Oct 10Parenting Advice
Oct 14Free Sample
Oct 18Regular Customer
Oct 19First Name Basis
Oct 26Happy Flags 1
Oct 28Happy Flags 2
Nov 1Happy Flags 3
Nov 4Happy Flags 4
Nov 7Happy Flags 5
Nov 9Happy Flags 6
Nov 11Happy Flags 7
Nov 15Happy Flags 8
Nov 18Happy Flags 9
Nov 28Poser